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Victory through pain

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”



-Lance Armstrong

We have all heard the sayings before.

No Pain, No Gain.

Pain is just weakness leaving the body.


I have a thousand such quotes and sayings circling in my mind. But there is deep truth I am becoming more and more accustomed to surrounding the topic of pain.

Pain comes at us in many forms and in each we all do the same thing. Try to avoid it. It comes at work in awkward dynamics and relationships. Conversations we avoid and conflict we shy away from. Pain of rejection comes through sales we may have to do, or presentations involving public speaking. These are all types of pain we are familiar with outside the gym.

Inside the gym, there is only one type of pain that supersedes all others. Well, unless you are at a Globogym (or health spa) in which case the pain of rejection may play a more important role as of course the main priorities there are who is wearing what new Nike spandex body suit or who is yelling the loudest into the mirror while performing bicep curls. But in this CrossFit gym, we all know the pain I am referring to. It’s the pain that is only present when intensity is driving the workout. When your muscles are screaming at you to stop, when you can’t seem to get enough air into your lungs, when you hit that lactic threshold and start to taste a little bile. That’s the pain we are familiar with. The usual question I am asked is why the hell would anyone want to put him or herself through that. Why would a normal person do a workout where someone might actually throw up from working hard? Those are great questions. And the answer to them can be surmised through the foundational belief I have come to accept about the nature of pain.

Victory and success in life only come once you pass through “pain”.

I hope you can see it now. You will never be fit unless you work your body through pain. And if you want to be really fit, it means you will have to take on even more pain.

You CANNOT jog your way to real fitness. You cannot drop that body fat, gain the muscle you want, loose the inches off your waist unless you experience real, uncomfortable pain on a regular basis. Pain you will need to inflict on yourself. I know this truth does not sit well with everyone. Most people want the easy way into fitness and health. I would too if it was available. It’s not, get over it.

You are going to have to go through pain. You are going to have to sacrifice the crappy food you keep around your home. You are going to have to give up the sugars, the bready carbs, the massive amounts of alcohol, and the processed food. You are going to have to really workout HARD, harder than you ever have before.

Stop lying to yourself that you are doing “good”. You are not. Can you pick your own bodyweight worth of weight up off the ground and put it over your head? Can you do a pull up? Can you jump over a 2ft bench? Can you run a mile in under 8 minutes? Do you eat every 3 to 3.5 hours every single day with the proper mix of macronutrients and the “right” food?

Let me give you another example using some quick easy math. If you eat like you are supposed to, every 3 to 3.5 hours, that can be added up and equates to 35 meals a week. So if you only eat three meals a day you are at 21 or a success rate of 60%. A big fat “F” for failure. Now lets say of those 21 meals you skip 3 breakfasts during the week, you just grab coffee and get out the door. Now we are down to 18 meals or 51%. Now lets go a step further and say of those remaining 18 meals you actually eat, 1/3rd of them are absolute garbage. Meaning you eat the worst possible processed foods and all the crappy, bready carbs you can shove in your mouth and chase down with some ice-old beer. This means you are only eating about 11-12 good meals a week. This is a success rate of 33%. I bet some of you may be even worse.So of course you will NOT get what you want out of your fitness. Couple the diet above with 3-5 days of jogging at a health spa and YOU WILL NOT GET FIT. You will not loose the weight, you will not get stronger, you will probably continue to get less fit.

So let’s get back on topic here people. Victory is only present through pain. You can’t avoid it. There is no magic path. No special pill or vitamin. No magic workout program like 6-minute abs. So let’s get real, stop deceiving yourself, find a real gym, get committed to yourself and your life, and come experience some pain with us.

It’s all yours for the taking…life, victory, health, success, and fitness. It’s all right there on the edge. But we have to go through some pain to get it.

That’s what we are doing at CrossFit Costa Mesa. Come with us.

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