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Why Community Matters

Like you need convincing right?  Ok maybe you do if you are still trying to workout alone.  This is another one of those honest moments I like to draw attention to.  This is a moment where you can let down some of the BS excuses you wrap around your consciousness to avoid facing the truth.

When you workout alone you cheat yourself.

I can hear the excuses and BS rising up in everyone’s mind just about now.  I don’t cheat, I work hard, I do all the reps, I go through the full ROM, etc…yeah right.

I don’t like a community, they judge me, they might laugh at me, I can’t keep up, I will embarrass myself, I get a better workout by myself, they get in my way…just shut up for a second.

Take a deep breath….

Let the BS fall away.  It’s holding you back.  Those lies above don’t help.  Let them go. Nothing improves your fitness more than encouragement and accountability.  Knowing there is a group of people waiting to workout at the same time, knowing they are coming to some warehouse to push themselves to exhaustion, to fight for their health and fitness is an amazingly powerful thing and if you are avoiding embracing it, you are cheating yourself.

Our community will push you.  They will encourage you.  They will support you.  They will sweat and bleed with you.  They will grow with you.

Amazing results and breakthroughs happen in our CFCM community.  So what are you waiting for?

There’s no judgment over someone’s current level of fitness, only on their willingness to push themselves.

There’s no judgment over someone’s lack of ability, only on their lack of desire to learn and improve.

We are a community built on transforming our minds and our bodies.  We are a community that does not accept the status quo.  We are drivers, innovators, success stories, and living transformations.  We are breakthroughs and new beginnings.  We are a revolution.

The only requirement for membership is that when the WOD begins for the day, you leave it all on the warehouse floor.

Our doors are open, see you in the gym.

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One thought on “Why Community Matters

  1. No community for me does not mean cheating on reps or range of motion – it means I dont work out. I dont exercise. I want to come join y'all!!