So you are telling me there's a chance!

So we have the holiday’s coming up.  And by coming up, I mean right on top of us.

Let’s just go right for the good stuff ok?  Who do you want to be and who are you becoming?

If those are different things you’ve got problems.  If you want to be an animal in the gym, look like Jacob from New Moon (yes my wife forced me to go see it), lose the double chin, the muffin top, the cankles, drop a pant size, etc… but you are already thinking and committing emotionally to eating and drinking tons of crap over Thanksgiving and Christmas season, well then, you are a mess.

Stop it!

Someone asked me the other day what to do when you are conflicted with limiting beliefs.  On one hand you want the body or the ability to perform on “Fran” but at the same time you like the crappy food, the alcohol, the sugar, and you don’t feel enough pain to get healthier and can’t see enough pleasure to get out of your current state, how do you make the move?  It was a great question and it has a relatively easy answer and solution.

First let’s get clear on the problem.  I have defined this as being “in the mush pot”.  It’s that grey middle zone where you stay comfortable and semi-content with your mediocrity.  It’s a kinda nice place to be, not too painful, not too pleasurable.

Got it?  Good, now let’s get clear on how to get the hell out of there.

Ok here we go.  I am going to use health and the physical world as our obvious example here and we since we are going for speed to get out of this place and into where you want to be, we will be using the medication known as “pain” to start the process.

Step 1: Admit to yourself that the mush pot is all a lie. It’s really is a horribly painful place to be but for whatever reason, you have lied to yourself that it’s not.

How do you know this?  Well, you can do this several ways.  Take a picture of yourself in the most scandalous underwear you have.  Now look at it.  Do you like what you see?  If you are one to hide from mirrors, wear big clothes and sweaters all the time, create distractions for others from actually looking at your body, like crazy hairstyles and colors, tattoos, make up, extra cleavage. Or for the men, never tucking in your shirts, wearing layers, etc… then its time to experience what you are hiding from. The pain in muted because you hide it.  You lie to yourself.

Post your photo online for your friends and family to see.  Sound fun?  I’m guessing not so fun.  Well then that’s a start.  There is really pain and discomfort there.  If you want to change, go experience what you have been hiding and lying to yourself about.  Want to avoid eating shit at Thanksgiving, put that photo right by your plate.  Too much or drastic you might think.  Who cares?  Your goals are that important, hell it’s only the rest of your life, its only your chance to avoid diabetes, to not be bed ridden at 65 years old, to be able to wipe your own ass at 80, to avoid a lock down old folks retirement home, to be able to pick your grandkids up, go up a flight of stairs, live through a car crash that’s not your fault, pick a wall up off a friend, or break a wall or door down during a building fire.

Come on, get over social restraints that might hold you back, they have been holding you in this mush pot for too long anyway.

If you don’t have image issues and want the pain, take it on in the gym. Come dig deep during a CrossFit WOD. Do “Murph” as prescribed with a weighted vest on. Can you do it in 30 minutes like some of the guys in my gym? Row a sub 6:20 2000k. Come throw your body at the WOD’s with abandon and let them expose your weak level of fitness and power.

Step 1: Get real.  Experience your pain as it is in its raw and powerful state.  Not in the weak, muted, lie-infused bog you have wrapped yourself in.

Let the pain stick with you everyday. Remind yourself of it constantly, while eating, while driving, while working, while at CrossFit.

Read books about it, talk to everyone about what is going on, what you are doing.  Rally support and kill and abandon the dissenters.  It’s your life and it’s that important.

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  1. Yes I want to look like Jacob from New Moon, there I said, he's hot.